i have a problem and his name is james neal
i follow under the url benwhshw

glovehand: the real deal james neal: murder and shit"

Custom nike free trainers 5.0
They’re men’s shoes under training but ofc the smallest men’s size is like 6.

guess who is going to purchase custom nikes for $135 because james neal owns them

not me

pittsburgh penguins meme: 7 goals [4/7] → james neal’s goal out of the penalty box


Oh man, this hurts!

"there’s a little pushing and shoving, the usual stuff when you try to get one extra poke at it when it’s underneath the goaltender…and a little bit of "why I oughta!"


Melanie Collins, James Neal, Bryan & Amanda Bickell

James Neal by Seth L. Williams 


Source: Yahoo Sports/Jerome Miron